Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I always think of interesting things to blog about while I am out and about living life and being busy. At least I think they'd be interesting. It doesn't really matter because I always forget them when I get home and am ready to blog. So, I will just be random and see what comes out of my brain as I sit here with headphones inserted into my ears, playing Soul Music, trying to drown out the noise of 4 men boys males playing XBOX.


The boys played on the Xbox this morning. About 2 hours. The Morning Media and Games policy at this abode states:"A child may play on the computer/Xbox until 9AM (8 on 'normal school days) starting no earlier than 6AM (for Noise Control and The Sanity of the Mother Unit). Any Morning Housework is to be done by 9AM, too (8 on school days)."

So they can decide of they want to do their work first, then play till 9/8 or of they want to play till 8:30/7:30 and then do their morning jobs.


I just listened to a song called; "Thunder Chicken".

Yes, you read that correctly.

If I needed a name for a game character or persona, I think I might go by Thunder Chicken.


Some days I get tired of doing what I know I should do to be a healthier me. It can be a lot of work & planning. I talked to my acupuncturist about it today. I need to go back to have a Posted-In-Plain-Sight Morning Chore List and Evening Chore List. I always forget tings like taking vitamins or adding extra protein to my breakfast. Running out of frozen berries... or bananas... temps me to grab "whatever" for breakfast, instead my Protein Shake. Nothing hits the spot in the morning like the berry-banana-protein-shakes.

I got more Olive Leaf Extract. I had run out. It does help take the edge of my fatigue issues.

My Goal (given by the doctor) is to just do Olive Leaf & protein shakes (or adequate other stuff) CONSISTENTLY for 2 weeks.

"Consistently" is my weakness


I forgot what I was writing about up there...(because 'focus' is another weakness)
So the boys got 2 hours on Xbox this morning, diid their jobs, their (very small amount of) school, some physical activity, cleaned up from lunch, etc. So they asked for more time on the Xbox. It ended up being almost 2 more hours. I thought of letting Brian know the amount they played today and suggest he do something different with them this evening. (he likes to spend some time doing things with them after dinner).
Well, he stopped at Best Buy on the way home and picked up a 4th Controller- so he could play WITH them, instead of taking turns. How could I say anything against that? Life is short. Father-Son time too precious. Let them Play Xbox!

(: If you enjoyed my blog, please Smile :)

if you did not enjoy it, then come back in a few days and try again.
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