Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lettuce on the Table

Last night I had a dream with a little deer, a fawn. It was in our yard and trotted over to me. It was red (real animal fur red, not fake Plastic red) and had a black muzzle. It had found a grapefruit to eat but didn't like it. It asked for some lettuce. Thankfully we had some left over from yesterday's BLTs (that was the real life part that inspired the dream)
See, we really did have BLTs last night. And though I made sure the tomatoes and salad were out away, I didn't get to the lettuce. It was on the table when I woke up this morning.

And being a lazy summer day, it is still kinda morning. So nothing noteworthy has really happened today. Except finding the lettuce the deer never ate.

The following is a jumbled account of my yesterday.

The story starts in the middle of the night, which I assume was very early Wednesday morning. Instead of waking up for the start of day I was waking up for a Migraine. What an awful interruption to sleep. The waking up is proceeded by dreams of pain and tears. Night time migraines are not my friend.

So, I medicate and go back to bed. I'm not even positive I was fully awake. Thankfully I was cognitive enough to only take 2 Aleve.

So later I do wake up for the day. Still headachey, groggy, and now a bit numb. I decide to have a quiet day full of reading and nothing. This meant I was NOT going to bike to Trader Joes like I had planned. I had planned on having Ki and Gavin bike with me, so they could get the foods they needed for their meals. Instead I drew a map, made a short list, gave them money, and sent them sans me.
ya. That went over well. not really.

I will copy a few posts from facebook- I was posting with a friend about the episode.

K&G just left with a grocery list & money, on their bikes- to Trader Joes K is making dinner tonight & G is making dinner Friday. I told them to make sure they write what they need on the list and they can each get a snack & if they found anything we need/use often, they can get it. (of course it has to fit into the $ I gave them & the baskets on the bike)

[her response]

Ki came back b/c Gavin went 'the wrong way, with the money'- so he wanted money so he could get to the store himself. G came to the house looking for K, they argued about which street to cross. G gets something stuck in his mind and assumes everyone knows exactly what he is thinking. Ki is very literal and by the book and sometimes has trouble with the concept of doing thing a little differently to get the the same end result. I think they are fine now. Gavin didn't think 1 of the streets was safe to cross so took off further to get too a cross light. (Ki was stuck on the concept of . "but mom said THIS street")

[more with the responding]

G came back AGAIN, said K did not wait after crossing the street and he didn't know how to get to the store (K had the mad). I drew the map TWICE with him watching, talked about many times and it is basically just 2 different streets! Take street A to street B- bike down street B till you get there! Is it really that hard??
Poor Gavin. He is SO "Slow on the Uptake" and has little common sense. (yet is so very smart, in the brainy-way)- but Ki sometimes has very little patience for Gavin. (but it does get old, having to explain things 4 and 5 times to a 17 yr old who still just stares like a deer caught in the headlights)


Ki just called, he must have borrowed a phone. He told me Gavin didn't go the right way, AGAIN. and didn't show up at the store with him. I told him G came home, got another map (of the 2 streets to get there)and will be there shortly.
HUGE POSITIVE = Ki remembered my phone number w/ area code!

They met up, shopped, and came home - separate ways. They figured out their own ways and were fine that is was not the same way as the other.

~*~*~*~ I had more to say, but this has gone on long enough ~*~*~*~
~*~*~*~ Someone must take a stand & make it end. ~*~*~*~

~If you enjoyed my blog snap your fingers ~
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