Friday, June 24, 2011

Random Friday

Supposedly, Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 30

random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. I was tagged.

So, here goes:

  1. I do NOT like coffee at all! Bleck.
  2. Well, not regular coffee-pot coffee; I DO, however, like a good Espresso Latte w/ extra flavor syrup.
  3. I do not like to paint my nails nor do I have a desire to have painted nails; fingers or toes.
  4. My toesnails are sporting an awesome trichromatic sunset scene, thanks to my husband.
  5. My Teddy Bear is in the room. He's almost 39.
  6. Speaking of toes... I am wearing a toering. I bought it with a good friend of mine, maybe 5 yrs ago? It WAS a Mood Ring, that changed colors. But after years of wearing (and I suspect all the showers) all the time, it turned to black, then the plastic "mood indicator" came off, and now it isa silver band.
  7. I have permanent indents on the sides of my toe. If they ever find my skeleton (post-mortem ) & have it invistigated by an awesome forensric anthropologist, she might find indents on my phalanges.
  8. The week after Lisa and I bought our matching toeriings, I lost mine. So I went back to the store & bought a new one. I guess the old, worn, toe ring I am wearing is an imposter?
  9. Fatigue has left me. For today anyway. I woke up early and made muffins with streusel topping. I hope to be productive until the next round of fatigue.
  10. My cat died last year.
  11. I think my pastor looks like a Pachycephalasaurus.
  12. Pachycephalasaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs.
  13. Yes, it really was part of the reason I chose my current church. Because my pastor looks like a dinosaur.
  14. I have 7 'notices' on Facebook this Morning.
  15. I am reading a book called; "Three Men in a Boat (to say nothing of the dog)
  16. A few years ago I read Doomsday Book, then I read the 'next' book. The name of which is "To say nothing of the dog.", in which the book from #15 was mentioned. I really enjoyed the Doomsday Book author, so I decided to get "Three men in a boat". Apperantly, it is not easy to get three men in a boat; to say nothing of a dog.
  17. I finally found my missing Catam Tiles the other day! I tink we have enough tiles to play 2 different games of Catan.
  18. Connor woke up around 6 to play Xbox. His brothers are still asleep. We have never had a gaming system in the house before last Sunday. We went from 'NO Gaming System' to 'Hours of Halo' overnight. My ears are still reeling.
  19. I'm not sure if 'reeling' is the word I want.
  20. Hopefully I will have a greenhouse when we move back to Ohio.
  21. The boys' cat is allergic to fleas.
  22. Brian took the van to work. (his car is broken)
  23. #21 + #22 = I will be riding my bike to the vet to get the cat's flea drops today.
  24. I play games. Not the kind with your mind. Board games. (board games is a good option when one is bored). Cards Games. Looney Lab Games. I demo them at Gaming conventions.
  25. I am growing tomatoes, spinach, strawberries, jalepenos, and sunflowers out back.
  26. I will miss my keylime tree when we move.
  27. I have learned to like Avocadoes. They taste somuch better fresh than the ones I had tasted in Ohio, which were probably shipped in from Mexico.
  28. I am not tagging anyone here. (I only tagged on facebook. lucky YOU!)
  29. The cat brought in a dead rat and deposited it in the boys' room. Now, we wannt to look up the time rates for rigor in different animals
  30. I have a thing about misspelled homophones, much the chagrin of my offspring.

"hey, what's down there?...Hello! Anyone?"

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