Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today, I took the boys to Shell Beach. It's about their favorite beach. There really isn't much sand or waves. But there are rocks and caves and tide pools... and... sometimes an octopus. But not today.

Their Friend Tyler came. Bringing friends with us on outings is a bit different at these ages. Tyler is a college freshman.

They swam in the seaweed all the way out to the Seagull rock. Where all the seagulls roost.

It was a long trek through cold and murky waters. very cold. and seaweed-y.

we celebrated Flag day by burning our American Flag. It seemed wrong, but all the places I read about said that is the way to dispose of an American Flag that is no longer in good enough shape to be flying/hung. Hopefully we did it correctly.

We got back into our Chemistry Lessons- yesterday. I forgot to buy lye. I need lye for out experiment. Maybe I can buy some lye tomorrow.

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