Monday, June 27, 2011

My Guy Ki

Here are Some Ki Rituals:

He HAS TO get his morning good-bye kiss from Brian before Brian leaves for work. Brian leaving out the door will wake him up and he will RUN outside to catch him if he doesn't remember the kiss Brian gave him while sleeping. If he wakes up after Brian has left he will ask me if Dad gave him a kiss. But usually a kiss from daddy will wake him up enough that he remembers. Of course he is often awake when Brian leaves.

Ki always has to say say something like " Do the best you can and come home soon."

Ki is 14.5

I love that he still loves his hugs and kisses from us.

Ki needs to get his hug before bed and often can't remember so ends up getting 2 or 3. Or maybe he does remember and this is his way of getting more... Hmmmmm?

He asks me almost nightly "So, how was your day?" waits for me to answer (which requires examples of why it was a good day, etc) then tells me about his day. Often throughout the day he will mention when something happened to make it a good day. "Wow, this is a really good day! I just got all the answers on this page correct." or "This is a good day! I got to have chocolate with my lunch!" Which is a far cry from when he was 4-7 and every day he was near tears proclaiming it was the worst day of his life ever!

When Brian gets home he gets a hug and kiss and asks Brian "So, how was your day?" (with answers, explanations, conversation.)

Also, before bed he almost always asks me "tomorrow's plans"
Even though I try to write them on the board.
Tonight he asked me :
"So, what do we have planned tomorrow?" [I love how he says "SO, ______ ]
Me: "Hmm, tomorrow... Word Roots, Some Chemistry Research online, reading Hour, Connor is making dinner and I am going to Bible Study."

I love how he listens too intently then gives me a nod and word of approval.
Then he asked "Did I ever tell you about Supernovas? That is what I researched for science the other day?"

Then he told me about them and we had to look up Neutron Stars- he thought they were neat and wanted me to see the picture on Wikepedia.

Ki isn't much for playing computer games.He prefers watching Netflix during his computer time.

He helps out in church. He is a group leader in the kids class. (I think 3-6th graders)

He always wants to be an evil goblin when he at at Amtgard (LARP) and is hopes to have a unibrow when he grows up, because all evil scientists have a unibrow.

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