Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing Catch Up

We've been home since Monday night.

Game Weekend in LA was fun. (*pictures in previous post)

Julianna- those are little plastic pyramids in that last picture- part of the games I run at Gaming Conventions.

Here's a quick overview:
We were gone may 12-May 20th: San Francisco then Amtgard Camp.

We were home May20th-23rd. I caught up on laundry, cleaned a bit in the house, and mostly recovered from a respiratory thing I caught on the trip.

We left early May 24th and returned home late on May 27th.

I have been running errands.

Today, Connor and Brian left for Omaha. They will be back in a week.

I am now, FINALLY, ready to get moving on my 31 Days to Clean and on my 61 Days of Coupons. You can follow along on their Pages.

There has been a TEEN HOMESCHOOL group formed. Once homeschool kids reach about 13 or 14, they become a very rare breed. We stopped going to homeschool functions because they were all trips geared towards 5-10 yr olds. It'll be nice having some older kids for the boys to hang with. Today we are meeting at the skate park. My boys are still older than most I think, but not buy much. Today the list of kids planned to come are Gavin-17, D-15, Ki-14, A-12, S-11. (I forget Scarlett's actual age, I think it is 11)

Leave me a note. I am bored and am already missing Connor & Brian.

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