Sunday, June 19, 2011

Almonds, Chocolate, and Bacon

Ki made chocolates for Brian for Father's Day. He melted chocolate chips in a 'double boiler' in the microwave, dark chocolate. He added almonds and sea salt and used the candy mold he got from Grammy. It makes little squares. about 1" x 2" I guess.

I made scrambles eggs in 3 parts, for breakfast, for Brian, Gavin, and Connor . The batch with onions/peppers cooked IN to them, the batch with onions added at the end, the batch with nothing added. [b/c she likes to spoil her men]

Looks like it might be thick orange juice, all frothy and cold......

.... but it is eggs, all scrambled and ready to cook.

That picture is gross and awesome at the same time!


I forgot to bring my camera to church to get a picture of the painted window that matches my toenails. I made earring, bracelet, & necklace to pick up the oranges ins my blue dress, to coordinate with my toenails. Margie would be so proud of me.

I made other things, too. A set in Purple, and in Green, and in Pink. I remember my dad making jewelry when I was little. We'd go to festivals and fairs and he'd sell them. I have a few pieces he made. I remember him polishing stones in the rock tumbler and falling asleep to that sound some nights.

I may need to find a friend for the pink set. which is more pink than the picture shows. The flash whited it out some.

Brian requested BLTs for dinner. Hence the BACON part of the title. But all we have is Turkey Bacon and he & the boys opted against stopping at the store for pig bacon. I think we actually have about 6 slices, so Brian will get that.


Brian is enjoying some game time on the computer. He got the TV fixed yesterday. We had been without a television since Christmas. That is when broke. The day my boys finally got a Gaming System. We have never had a gaming system, no gameboys or anything. They got Xbox & Kinnect for Christmas, turned the TV on to hook it up, and It went blank; dead in the water. It was kind of funny actually; the TV dying the very day we finally get a gaming system to play.

The boys got the Xbox hooked up and are playing a car racing game.

I am about to scream and scratch my skin off and my eyeballs out. I do NOT think I can handle the sound. at. all.

Computer, TV, Bacon, Gaming.... a boy can't ask for much more than that, even a boy in his 40s.

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