Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The boys were playing on Xbox and Bickering! Bickering to HIGH HEAVEN!

So I call out to them:


THEM: "Yah, mom?"

ME: " You are about 2 seconds away from... [pause]... something."

KI: "What?"


ME: "No. Something to help you learn to not bicker."

KI: "That'd be good."

ME: "As soon as I can figure out what would teach you to stop bickering....

I couldn't think of anything to teach them to stop bickering at the moment, so I dropped it. But the diversion was enough to divert them from bickering.

Later we all 4 biked to Trder Joe's. I decided to try the Coconut water. I chose MANGO. Ki decided he'd try some, too, and picked chocolate. Noww chocolate MILK sounds good, but chocolate flavored water? I went with mango because fruit sounds good with water and mango & coconut go to gather in fruit salad. Connor suggested Chocolate. But he won't even drink these I bet and doesn't want one either way.

Ki asked if we could get a Swiss Chocolate bar. I said yes.

At home I opened my mando coconut water. after I shook it well. Then I peeled back the foil tab and proceeded to drink a sp.
It about got SPEWED all over the table!!How can mango and coconut taste that hideously together??

Ki let me try his chocolate and it was fine. (not great, but fine enough)
Connor informed me that I should have listened to his advice on this topic.
Lesson Learned: Choocolate is a good choice in most situations.

Ki brought me a dollar to pay for part of the chocolate bar, since it was an 'extra snack'.

Somehow something whent right with these boys despite all my blunders and mess-ups.

Ivan Update:
I have downloaded some free books. Classics. The Time Machine, Treasure Island, Frankenstein, Ivanhoe.
And some crazy person put Pride & Predjudice on the e-reader free. I was barely tollerable with zombies, I can't imagine reading it 'as-is'.

I won a Gift Card to Amazon from LAZY MOM! YEAH! I got the e-book version of "Christian Theologes of Scripture"
somewhere I must have matured a little. Or grew horribly boring. As I am really enjoying this book with it's historical theology of Scripture.

THANKS, Lazy Mom


Connor's braces are GONE! He is happy!
The sent him home with a little gift basket. And just WHAT does the orthodontist send home to the child who just got their braces off?? Taffy, Jolly Ranchers, Lollipops, Tootsie Rolls...
It seems they are hoping for repeat business ..
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