Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ipad Carrying Case I made for Ivan

I saw a cross-shoulder carrying case for iPads and decided to make one. I had this fabric in the sewing room-->

I measured the fabric and the lining fabric, made straps and pockets and added a button- for decoration. I was gonna add a magnet snap thing, but wasn't sure if magnets were OK.

Because of the flap, I had to keep the strap not attached up at the top.- but it attached all the way on the back side. (having both sides partially unattached made it hang weird.)

I made the small front pocket with a skinny pocket for the Stylus, I keep lipgloss and the screen wiping cloth in the larger part of the pocket.

made gussets in the bottom- so it keeps its shape and looks more tailored and less- 'thrown together homemade'

The inside pockets were made for a credit card & Drivers license. - so I can just have 1 bag to carry when I'm going places.
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