Thursday, July 14, 2011

Truth Is... Scrambled Pancakes are good

Truth Is..... I have had this headache since Saturday. Or maybe Friday. I forget. I am out of Fioricet.

Truth Is..... I am wondering if my husband's Vicodin from his surgery will work in place of Fioricet.

Truth Is..... I am too scared to try it, though.

Truth Is..... My son just brought me a bowl of Scrambled Pancakes. Breakfast in Bed. He 'scrambled' the pancake batter while cooking the pancakes, like one would scramble eggs. Then sprinkled them with Cinnamon Sugar.

Truth Is..... they were pretty good.

Truth Is ..... I don't like coffee at.all. But I do like espresso.

Truth Is..... I am a week late mailing a birthday card to a friend's daughter in Japan.

Truth Is..... I am thinking of having the boys make their own school schedules this year.

Truth Is..... Gavin spends most the day on the computer. Perfecting his art skills. Check out his Videos he posted today:

and here is the 3rd in his series today:

Truth Is...... Apple has inefficient shipping. I got my iPad Power Adapter today.... my iPad won't be here until next week. Apparently, Apple thought it was important to have the adapter with nothing to adapt to yet.. Now there is a lonely power adapter in the drawer waiting to be joined by an iPad.

Truth Is....... my iPad2 will be here next week!
LocationDateLocal TimeActivity
EPZ, China07/14/20112:22 A.M.Origin Scan
China07/14/201111:15 P.M.Order Processed: Ready for UPS
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