Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bullet Points

  • Connor gets his braces off today.
  • I won't go with him. He'll walk there and back. Because I have acupuncture this morning.
  • which makes me feel like a bad mom, but not being able to do anything do to migraines makes me feel like a worse mom.
  • The best free app for the ipad..... the TIMER + app. So I can set the timer before I start to play PocketFrogs.
  • Despite Ivan's drawbacks (no DVD playing and the email reader is weird) I really am happy with him.
  • Ivan II is my iPad 2, in case you missed that.
  • Ki was told to watch Chemistry Videos at KhanAcademy.com- for school- since we are doing chemistry stuff right now. He told me all about the videos he watched- Hemoglobin, Neurons, Oxygen, Sodium-Potassium Pumps.... I asked "Did you watch CHEMISTRY videos??" Ki said " Well, they were under Biology, but biology and chemistry are pretty much the same thing."
  • I am glad I am not keeping a high school transcript for that one yet...
  • Connor has his Learners Permit for driving. He is actually excited. Not overly, though. He says driving is scary and exciting at the same time. He was asking to drive since the day he got them. I said something about his desire to drive and his response was that "It's not that I REALLY want to, but I have to drive 50 hours with my learners permit."- Like he is asking to drive not so much ecause he wants to but because it is required.
  • We got a Fry Daddy for Ki (mainly him as he cooks the yummy foods)- and we haven't gotten to use it yet. the first food to be cooked in it will be doughnuts.
  • The tomatoes from our garden are yummy!
  • I wonder if we can fry them in the Fry Daddy. Beer Batter Fried Tomato Slices...??
  • My thighs will never be like they used to be....

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