Thursday, July 21, 2011

Blogging 'Bout Boys & Books

I love me a little alliteration in the afternoon!

As 'quasi-unschool-eclectic-homeschoolers' we kinda do school Year Round. But not 'full-on-hard-core' all year. Well, not ever probably, but less in the summer.

Over this summer are kinda finishing up some Chemistry. Some days less than others. The boys are also doing Word Roots. A CD-Rom with games to learn Latin Word Roots. It only takes about 15-20 minutes for Word Roots.

This week is a little on the MORE side. I asked Gavin (17) how his school was going today. He said he was pretty much done with what he needed to do today, butt has some more Chemistry to to later today. (I give them a week goal- "Have X-amount done at the end of the week, so hhs 'enough for today'- is is own amount he thinks he needs to do daily yo keep on track and he much not have done 'enough'
earlier this week so wants to make up some tonight to be ready for tomorrow)

I reallly do just have a short point here, but it seems to require some extra explaining , so you understand what is going oon..
SO... Gavin says he is done for what he needs today but has some more to do later and he'll do it after church. I reply with a reminer that we'll get home around 9. He says; "I know. I figure I'll do my chemistry between 9 and 11 tonight."

Now, we come to my point in all of this. How much I love the freedom of this homeschool adventure and that is naturally leads my young men to figure out how to be responsible & independent. Some parents would not like if their child decided to wait until 10PM to do their school work. Or if they chose to spend the morning playing Magic the Gathering and going for a bike ride so they do school after dinner. Or when they choose to do no math Monday-Thursday and just do the weeks worth of math on Friday. I like that my boys plan their day and do their school when they see fit. As long ass it gets done in the end, it's good with me. My high school teacher used to say; "It's your baby. You deliver it!"- meaning 'as long as the work gets done, I don't care how- its your project/work- do it however it works for you.'

When the boys were little and it was getting late, around 9. I'd have them brush their teeth, get into PJs and play quietly in their rooms. I never told them it was Time to Sleep for them. Just time to be quiet in their rooms (lights off)so I could sleep. They could d play quietly unti they were reedy to sleep. It seemed like it would cause a lot less bedtime battles of "But I'm not tired, mommy! I don't want to sleep!"- then they force themselves to stay awake to prove a point. As they got older, they could turn their lights off on their own t 9:30 or 10 or, when older, whenever they were ready.

I have decided that this 'school year' I will have the boys create their own school schedules. It should be interesting. Ki is my MOST "Unschooler at heart" and the most likely to plan too much. I am looking forward to see how and what they is my guess:
Gavin seems to like to break his work down into daily portions. If they have to do "10 sections of something by End of School Friday" Gavin will do 2 a day, usually.
Connor like to either do it all at once or all on Friday. Having a free week and one busy day.
Ki gets OverAcheiver Syndrome and also when I assign something he is the most likely to say "well, can I do "such and such" instead"- and his suggestions are always good, they are just 'with a twist'

This school year they will all 3 be "in High School" . Not that it means much. Except I will be keeping High School Transcript for 3 kids.

Be on the Look Out for their personal school Plans! I'll have them do that in Early August, I think.
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