Friday, July 15, 2011

If You Give a wife a Scrubby

A little poemy thing, written my me- many years ago.

If you give a wife a scrubby she'll feel compelled to scrub the sink and make it shine.

Before she can use her scrubby to shine the sink, she has to clear out the dishes.

Before she can clear the dishes out she has to unload the dishwasher.

Before she loads the dishes from the sink into the dishwasher she may as well gather ALL the dirty dishes from around the house.

After the dishwasher is reloaded she has to start the dishwasher.

When the dishwasher is reloaded and started, there are still dishes in the sink.

She uses her scrubby to hand-wash the rest of the dishes.

Before she can hand wash the dishes she has to rinse the sink and clean it.

Before she can rinse the dishes she has to clean the counter so there's a clean place to put the drying towel.

Before she can clean a place on the counter-top she has to remove all the clutter.

Then she has to get the clean towels from the dryer; which needs to be restarted as the towels are still slightly damp. Finally the dryer is done, the pantry is re-organized (while waiting), and the towels are brought upstairs to be folded.

NOW she can hand wash the dishes.

After the dishes are washed she can finally use her scrubby to shine the sink.

Before she shines the sink she should move the clean dishes.

Before she can put the clean dishes away she has to dry them.

Dishwasher emptied/reloaded/started. Counter decluttered and wiped clean. Extra dishes washed/dried/put away.

Time to Shine the Sink!

The sink is shined, now the floor is icky from all the dishes and clutter being moved through out the kitchen.

Before she goes to bed she HAS to mop that nasty kitchen floor.

Before she can mop the floor she needs to vacuum it.

Before she vacuums the kitchen floor she has to take out the trash, move the trash can and get the kids to move their toys.

She can't vacuum and mop while the breakfast table is all dirty. (The dirt will just fall on the newly cleaned kitchen floor) So she de-clutters and cleans the breakfast table.

Then she vacuums.

NOW she can mop.

The counter-top needs to be wiped off again.

So the wife gets her scrubby out again and cleans the counter top, then rinses her scrubby and now she has to shine her sink AGAIN....

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