Sunday, July 24, 2011


Last night I dreamt that Brian was giving me Botox Shots in my eyelids! Close to my brow, actually. He had been watching this show all on Botox and decided my eyelids needing puffing out with infection. I was asleep, but not after the first shot! Then I was too scared to move because I couldn't have ONE fat botox brow, so I sat through the other side. I was SO STINKING MAD at him!!!

Another dream about my husband from last night... He had Chicken Pox. He was totally covered. But in my dream adult chicken pox only lasts 2-3 days. I think he got off easy for the Botox stunt.

Brian gets nervous when I tell hiim I dreamt of him.

Last week I finally write a blog that really is All About my Boys & Homeschool- the original intent f this blogg, and no one leaves a note, I guess the "all about me and my thoughts" is preferred.

I emailed the boys with their school for this week:

School Week:

MONDAY: Funday Monday! Doughnuts for Breakfast. Read 30 minutes. Let's do something fun. Shell Beach? Pirate Fluxx?

Tues-Friday  :
- 5 Word Roots total.
- 30 minutes reading per day
- Ki 2 Khan Science Videos a day or 8 total
- C&G ~ 5 total Chemistry Sections

DAILY- get 30-60 minutes exercise a day. ideas: Bike, walk, amtgard, lifting weights, parkour, scooters, yoga cards, Ninja WorkOut, Park, Frisbee Golf

The mot exciting thing about this week... I will not be making dinner, but am assigning that responsibility to my offspring. My youngest is making breakfasts this week, so I'll not have him do dinners. Just C and G will be making dinners.

I'm still not used to reading/commenting on blogs with the iPad. So I am still behind on that.

Today's topic at church?
Song of Solomon Chapter 4. Sexual Intamacy.
Or otherwise entitled; "The fine art of blushing"
I like these topics to not be public conversation pieces.

I have some tinking to do tonight. Or maybe tomorrow.

and lots of laundry. Our washer was not working for 2 days. Then we were gone all day Friday.

think I'll go read now. I'm reading "The Stars My Destination." by Alfred Bester.
Speaking of STARS-- I downloaded a free App from NASA. It's pretty great!
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