Friday, September 10, 2010

Orange you Glad I said Ninja?

I feel as though I have been run over by a truck. Ninja Class has been a bit hard on me this week. My gluteus ninjamus is still sore, but are my bininjaceps and the my Abs. Is eating worth the pain of walking down the stairs to the kitchen?

as I am watering my tomatoes, Ki is talking to me. He says he thinks he'll do lots of writing for school today. I remind him it's housecleaning day as we are having friends over for dinner and games. He says he'll have to do his writing inn his free time. I asked what he is writing. Character Descriptions for goblins and orcs.

We went to the neighbors house today to ask if we could pick some oranges from their tree. She's a sweet, little, old lady. She told us we could pick as many as we want, but we'd need a ladder- as they are high and hard to reach. she said she can't reach them.
we picked a big bag of oranges to give to her (and a big bag for ourselves.) She was so thankful! Ki told her to be careful because there was a small rip in the bag. She said;
" if any fall out I'll just pick them up. I'm not going to waste any of these."

We're having friends over for dinner and games.....

and freshly squeezed Orange Juice

-- Signing Off,
Your Friend the Geriatric Ninja
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