Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Gavin is 17 now. I have kept him alive for a whole 17 years folks!!

He was asked if he wanted a cell phone, w/ texting- He gave his dad the "Are you SERIOUS??" look... " no"

He was asked if he wanted an iPod and he said "no". He knows he can use mine whenever he wants and listens to youtube onhis laptop.

What did he have on his list?

Mechanical Pencils

extra lead

Money towards a new laptop

A NICE backpack


A couple specific Computer Games

Drk Chocolate

He has had Mechanical Pencils on his gift lists ever since he was about 6. he stopped putting LEGOS on the list when he was 15. It was a sad sad year for me......

Yes, he got everythig on his list pretty much (no blueberries but we have some in the fridge and , well, too many would end up going bad).

His younger brothers wrapped a penny in layers of tape, out it in a bowl, put the bowl in a box. The also had an empty package. And then one with a computer game. They hid them around the house and had written out clues. When he got home from class they pelted him with Nerf Darts from their homemade blowguns. They so full of giddy giggles as they waiting in hiding for him to come home.

below: Some of Gavin's Line Design for his art class >>

Below:- Ki hid a gift in the bottom of the cat food holder. It took awhile to get to it

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