Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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We are having an 'extra-unschool week' here.
I have not had the boys do anything that looks like 'school work'.
MONDAY- was a Holiday- Brian was home,I was not. They did stuff. Not sure what.

TUESDAY- Brian took off work to fix the van. The boys helped with van repairs, watched a Danny Kaye movie about Hans Christian Anderson, and played on the computer. Gavin went to his College Art Class. I had Ninja Class in the evening.

WEDNESDAY-that'd be today. They played on the computer some, then I taught them some new Icehouse games. Then we played some new games and some old games. They wprked on game design- coming up with ideas for new games. C&K worked on their skit and went to Thespian Class. Gavin made Fried Rice for the 2 of us. Gavin has been working on some computer programming a lot today, too.

THURSDAY- I just plan on more game playing.

I love game playing. I love that the boys are always making up games. I also love that they all bike to their classes on their own!!!
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