Thursday, September 9, 2010

[ insert evil laugh here ]

OUCH! I have ninjaries. Injuries sustained at Ninja Class. Really they are sore muscles; so maybe they are Ninjalgia. (Ninja + myalgia).

Ninja don’t need to use the restroom, do they? So I’ll be OK. And when I learn to fly, I won’t care about the pain involved in ordinary walking and climbing steps. Ninja’s fly…right?

My Gluteus Ninjamus is very sore.

The boys and I played MAD SCIENTIST UNIVERSITY. It’s a game about making up little stories about inventing evil scientist inventions of DOOM.

So, I got my best Dr.Horrible impression going and wrote my name on the moon with radioactive cake and spied on hippy-do-gooders at their tree-huggin’, song-singing, touchy-feely camp out. And laughed an evil laugh of an evil scientist. MWU-HHA-HA!

Then Gavin left for his Art Class and C&K read for science class and I watered my plants… with radioactive fertilizer supplement, so I can grow Cuke Nukes. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Ki was reading about elephants. He found the islands of Siberia on the map, we looked up The Elephant Graveyard online (I told him about it, but didn't know much, so we looked it up), and I had him read the poem about the Blind Men and the Elephant. Tomorrow he'll make Elephant Skin. (fruit leather)-

Ki decide to write about Goblins and Orcs. I had Connor clean off his school shelf. I wiped the table down for round of games….. GLOOM!!!! Gloom is Connor’s new card game. MUAHA!! (that’d be a Hawaiian evil laugh)

I won.

We learned some words and reviewed some forgotten words while playing. Words like Cadaverous, Topiary, poltergeist, vexed, and more.

Topiary reminded me of They Might Be Giants song C is for Conifers- so we listened to that.

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