Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"Why is the world in love again? Why are we marching hand in hand?Why are the Ocean Levels rising up?" (TMBG)

Because it is time to rethink my schedule. (or because They Might Be Giants released an album in 1990)

I come to you tonight with clean fingernails (in preparation for LooneyLab Nail Art) to describe to you the events of the week that have led me to making a birdhouse in my soul (and rethinking my schedule)

I am normally somewhat of a morning person. I do like to be up at a reasonable morning hour. For me that is 7 AM, not 4:30 AM. I'm a morning person not a Crazy, Middle of the Night person. At 4:30AM, it is still Middle of the night.

I hope you are not sick of all my rattling on and walk out the door.

See, the catch here to why this schedule is not working it, well, confidentially, I am just not fully recovered from the bronchitis. I thought I was so cool, but I guess not yet. I still need extra sleep, which equates to sleeping in a little later in the mornings.

So, I need to go to an afternoon schedule. I think a couple weeks of that will be all that is needed.
I would go to a totally, Play it by Ear schedule, but with all the scheduled things we have during the week, I need to make sure things get done on time.

Tuesday/Thursday Gavin is away from 9-12:45. Starting Sept 14, I have Bible Study on Tuesday during that time block. I will be home with K&C on Thursdays at the time. I think Maybe Thursday Mornings should include some activity with just me and "Frick & Frack".

Today C&K rode their bikes to their Thespian Class. I was home with Gavin. We played a game and then he went to do some research and study for his science test. We played WORD on the Street. It was fun to play a game with just Gavin. And he didn't beat me!!

Which reminds me, I need to grade Connor's Science test. I think I'll take some school papers with me to Strategicon this weekend.

Hmmmmm, and what will our C&K do on Tuesdays at home by themselves without even Gavin to maintain some semblance of peace?

I want a rock to wind a piece of string around......

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