Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I am in a Womens Bible Study. We are studying the book of Daniel. I decided that on Wednesday I'd do a Book of Daniel Class with my boys.

I think they enjoyed it. The didn't complain once about having to take notes and write things. Ki is my biggest complainer if that activity, though, and he loves Church and Bible History.
I read chapter 1. We went over the big names. I read the actual name instead of the pronoun when the Bible used the pronoun & used the name when it just said "the king" or "The chief eunuch". Ki really liked the name ASHPENAZ!

We learned some words. Eschatology and eunuch. eschatology if from 'eschatos' (late) and 'ology'(the study of). and the word eunuch means 'bed keeper'. "eune" means 'bed' and 'ekhein' means to keep.

We went back to the Tower in Babel and how that land became Babylonia. gos sent the Israelites out of that land, then they were captured and brought back to that land.
The drew maps and looked up Bible Verses. I gave them a list of Bible Verses and told them I'd pay them $1 for each one they memorized.
They have a list of names for spelling test next week. I promised treats for correctly spelled words.
I don't normally bribe them for learning, but it's fun from time to time.

This morning I wanted to boys to start with their science so I could have them doing something while I got caught up on my plans. Ki wanted to research acting and got upset when I assigned science. He's really great and coming up with school stuff to do on his own, but really needs to handle it a little better when he's assigned 1 thing when he's planned in his head to do something else.

Gavin did his last Physics Test. Connor did an experiment in Science. Ki read a bit then chose an animal to study next week. I'm having him research an endangered animal. I think he chose Lemur.

Ki and Connor had their Thespian Class and I worked on their Daniel Study. (it was taught after Thespian Class). Their Class Projects day is Oct 15 and they will be auditioning for the Christmas Musical/Play.

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