Sunday, September 19, 2010

Got Milk?

We don't. We did. Not anymore. I was awakened by a GLUG-GLUG-GLUG sound of liquids being dumped. For a brief moment I did not know what it was I heard, then my brain fully woke and I instantly knew Ki's Super Sniffer had struck again.

He had dumped 3/4 a gallon of milk. I had just purchased it Friday. I used a little last night before bed with my chai latte. It was FINE. His nose thought otherwise, so he dumped it.

Last Year he called me into the kitchen concerning the milk. He said it smelled funny. I sniffed. It Stank. I told him it had gone bad and to dump it.

Now whenever he thinks the milk doesn't smell 100 percent like he thinks it should, he dumps it. This is the 3rd time(recently) he's dumped a newly purchased jug-o-milk.

Ki will sometimes eat yogurt, but after the 3rd bite he'll stop eating it because '"It smells and tastes different now." He has overly sensitive sense of smell and taste. It's why he is SOOOO picky with food I think. Everything smells funny. He used to run out of the room crying due to the smell of cooked rice or cooked vegetables. He can stay now, but has to have them scooted to the far end of the table and he hold his nose sometimes.

He used to refuse Burger King Chicken Nuggets half the time (which was one of the few foods he ate) because they "smelled different than they did last time" or were a different shade of golden of brown than he thought they should be.

Out here in California a gallon of milk can be $3.50 or more. I told him today that next time he thinks it smells bad, to just put it back in the fridge and tell me. I'll smell it and determine if it does indeed warrant dumping down the drain.

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