Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

It is so quiet in this house!

Gavin is away for the morning at his art class.

I told Connor and Ki to "do something" (towards 'schooling')

Connor is quietly reading a library book.

Ki was looking up varies rodent animal groups online. He is reading in his Science book. This chapter is about rodents (and similar animals- like rabbits). The book names some families of rodents that is doesn't talk about, so Ki is researching them.

Gavin is always researching things. When he takes breaks doing his physics, he will research astrophysics (how is that a break from doing physics??) or weapons or weird animals.

Independent Learners.

That has always been my goal of homeschooling and it is what my boys have become. It makes me very happy!

Gavin has transitioned well into his (one) college class. We homeschoolers get a lot of remarks about how our kids won't do well in college b'c they don't know how to "___ fill in the blank___" b/c they haven't "gone to school"- which I know is bogus- but it's just nice to actually SEE that.

So, I am happy.

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