Monday, September 13, 2010

Cabbages & Kings!

Ki Oct 2003

'CULOO, CULAAY, no work today,'

'We're cabbages and kings!'

Connor slept in this morning. I don;t blame him. I was SOOOOO tired! I had an upsetting dream and the cat made a huge commotion in the middle of the night....and I am still coughing at night.
Why Connor was overtired, I do not know.

I rarely wake sleeping children. I figure if they are asleep they need it. Another homeschool perk- getting extra sleep when we need it, without it putting us behind.

I read in Story of the World about Charles the 6th. Charles VI (vee-eye), NOT Charles IV (eye-vee), because he was 6 not sick.
And Joan of Arc.
And Henry the 5th. Then they watched the first half of Henry V, with Laurence Olivier.

Ki read about horses. There was a chart that described the hoof sequence for different gaits. Ki also looked up some videos on the different gates. Then I told him I had an idea. I said ; "Ah-Ha!!! I know what I should have you do!!!!!!" while looking at the pictures of the hoof sequences. He replies with. "oh, no. Are you going to have me be a horse? I only have 2 fee.........Oh. I get it."

We go out and he demonstrates the different gait sequences and tells me about them, then he quized me and I have to crawl around like a horse and demonstrate my hoof sequence knowledge. I cantered invertedly at first and had to be corrected.

Ki shouts "YEAH we're horses!! We're horses!!

Brian put away Gavin's science disk and we didn't find it till later. He researched Carbon Nano-Tubes and took notes and explained them to me.....twice.

Connor did some reading in is science and said he doesn't like double experiment weeks. I asked him why he had spearmint. I never see his notes, he often doesn't take them, he does his experiments and never even tells me about them and can never figure out what the review questions are talking about. And gets As on the tests. Connor the Conundrum.

After lunch Ki and I did Life of Fred. Neither could remember where we left off, but we had just done a couple chapters, so we just started over. Ki agreed review was good and we should just start over. He did a few Brain Gym exercises to start off and had a bottle of juice. He likes having juice and a snack when he does his math. He told me his favorite math was Miquon (which I think he remembering much more fondly that reality, LOL). I think the Life of Fred has been the best fit for him. I know what he lied about the Miquon that he doesn't get in LOF, with Miquon, we could choose which pages he wanted to do when in what order. Life of Fred is a book, to be read in order. Ki loves stories though, so he is usually OK with it. Which reminds me.. I am watching "Hoarders" and it is scary- so much reminds me of Ki. and the stories the Hoarders have for every little item....

We did some cleaning in the computer table area and then we played Pandemic. The blue bacteria won. We lost the game.
(oh, that was funny.... "we lost the game".......HA! )

Gavin did some SAT practice. Connor did some ALEKS.COM (math). Apparently only MY laptop works for ALEKS and NETFLIX and Connor's Science- so we need to figure out a schedule for laptop use for people to get their school done.

Brian took C&G out to get birthday gifts for Ki. Ki and I grabbed dinner and watched Alice in Wonderland (Disney). He wanted Del Taco and I had a turkey burger from Natural Cafe.

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