Monday, August 30, 2010

Aug 30. 2010

Our 1st somewhat real, full day of Quasi-Unschooling- getting back in a routine.

I slept in till 9:00. I am still recovering from Bronchitis but finally dooing MUCH better.
After breakfast, we had a family talk about the rules for doors and knocking. It was basically a talk about;
Just because you have a RIGHT to do something, doesn't mean you should.
I told them the Bible verse that tells us to "In as much as it is up to us, leave at peace with everyone"

After a few morning chores, I sent them off to work on different tasks. Connor is doing review questions and studying for his Chapter 5 test in Science. Gavin was told to do the next section in his SAT book and then study and review is Physics. His test is Thursday.

Ki read in his animal book (about rabbits, pikas, the platypus, echidna, and a few others). Then he looked up Echindnas online to learn more about them (spiney anteaters). After that, I had him browse around at He read a few of the lessons and played a few of the games. all while laying in my bed with his drink on a stool next to him- talk about an easy Life!

I asked Ki if we wanted to start back up with Life of Fred today or do some worksheets (math). I told him he needs to get back into Life of Fred this week, but he has a few days to get back into it if he wants.

After lunch I took Gavin to buy some supplies for his college art class.
back home K&C boys worked on their math.

Gavin needs to be at 80% of his ALEKS finished by the end of Sept- so he's working towards that. He'll do his math tonight with Brian and his science tonight, too. We are down a computer- so they have to alternate.

Connor did his ALEKS. I need to check his account soon, see where he is and help him come up with a plan of what he wants to do next so what he needs to do now to get there.
Ki- chose reviewing Times Tables. Using sheets with the times tables written out- saying the problem and filling in the answer- then checking.
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