Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Brand are you?

The boys are working on memorizing 1 Corinthians 13. (which means I am, too) They are doing pretty well. I found that having them read passages over and over and over and over on our drives to and from Base works well. And I print the verse out with more and more blanks for missing words. I want them to have this memorized before they go to camp in July.

I rode my bike to the pharmacy to get my Fioricet. I was under the impression it was ready for me, but it's not. I'll go back this afternoon. I want to have my Fioricet with me on this 2 weeks in Ohio. Though I love rain,I hate the humid heat and the mold it brings- I get such bad migraines from it all. I don;t want to spend my vacation in bed with pain in my brain.
We have a few Sunflowers in bloom. One is about ready to be beheaded. The one that looks about 7 foot tall is blooming. I'm afraid when its flower opens all the way and gets heavy with seeds, it will fall over. I'll try to get a picture of it this afternoon. Right now the sun is behind it and glares in the photo.

I need to find some cheese cloth to hang the head to dry out while we're gone.

My neighbor will be coming over to water plants and feed the cat. I told her to just pick/eat whatever is ready while we're gone. The sugar snap peas are taking off. I pick a few every other day. Some of the green tomatoes are starting to turn to almost yellow. I wonder if the neighbor will get to eat my 1st ripe tomato of the season.

Yesterday the boys made a fire out back and were cooking marshmallows. Ki stepped on a glowing hot poker.

He used aloe from the plants outback. He's finally walking OK again. I think he hopes he has a scar for life. My son has been branded! He's a Knock-Off Hurley brand, I think.

I had planned on knitting a lot on out flight to Ohio. We leave tomorrow. We'll be gone June23-July7th. I'll have my laptop, so I hope to find time to update occasionally.
ANYWAY, it's an overnight flight, so I'll just sleep, not knit.
I'll bring my Dishcloth Project with me on the plane though. In case I find the time. The DNA project will be for the hotel where I can spread out on the bed.

Here is my Doctor Who Discloth. It's the TARDIS. Or will be. I have a few other patterns I want to do for my Doctor Who Dishcloth Collection. this yarn didn't show the pattern quite as nicely as I wanted. I t is Cotton. I might try it in a wool blend next time. Soksey though it was time for a head rub when I got the camera out so he's in a few pictures from today.
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