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* Ki's CLASS * MayTerm Myths

May is Over. Ki was a bit sad on Friday when he realized there are no more school days in May. He said he wished it was May Longer so he could do more MayTerm.
His Lap book is finished. "art" is not his thing. I try to get him to expand a bit, use some color, add some detail, make things at least almost coordinate. He did better. He used some colored paper here and there and used color pencils instead of just mechanical pencils.
(You Can Click On the Pictures to see them Larger)


The book OPEN. The white pocket in the middle holds 4 CARDS on a chain. it's a VENN DIAGRAM- but in circle attached to a chain.
Title Circle says: Creation Story.
YELLOW are facts of the bible Account on Creation.
RED are from the Mythological Creation Story
ORANGE are things the 2 have in common.

LEFT- you can see some of the BiFold Cards. a picture on the outside- Bible Verses that go with how GOD is like each specific Myythological god on the inside,
MIDDLE- the Blue Star says GEMINI. Ki's chosen Mythological Constellation Story from the ones he read about

WHEN opened,the Star has a Picture on the Constellation on the bottom Piece and a short Synopsis on the backside of the top Star.

During the time in History when Rome Ruled the World, the Romans adopted a lot of other cultures, beliefs, gods, etc from many other Countries. The Romans especially liked the Greek gods and the stories that went with them. They named some of their gods to line up with the Greek gods. A lot of Greek and Roman Culture was intermingled. This can be seen in the parts of the New Testament. That's why we decided to study Graeco-Roman Mythology first (before Norse or Egyptian, etc); so we could read in the Bible about some of these things. So that's the list of the 'similar gods' in Greek and in Roman.

To keep in God's Word while studying Mythology, Ki made bi-fold cards that on the outside have the symbol of one of the mythological gods and on the inside it has that god's name and then a Bible Verse about The One True God. He did this with 5 different mythological gods, showing how the one God of the Bible encompasses all that the Many Graeco-Romans tried to have their many gods be.

We read in Acts 17 about when Paul was in Anthens and say all the temples to all the gods. The Greeks even had a temple to the UnKnown God. We read these verses when studying about the PANTHEON. the temple in Rome to "ALL GODS" ('pan'=all; 'theo'=god)

ALSO in his LapBook- Ki has a Memory Match game. It's Astro-Myth-Match. He cut yellow Circles and on them he wrote the names of planets and moons (their names are taken from Roman MMythology) and their matching Card is what they are the Roman god of.... Like Mars if the Roman god of war.

- - in this picture is 'god of speed' and then further down is "Mercury" - - -

~~~~ Ki read a lot of the myths, about Roman Culture, about greek and roman word roots we see in mythology and in words we use today, and he made Graeco-Roman recipes.

Ki wants to show his lapbook to the pastor and to James, his youth group pastor.
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