Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beach, Wind, & Sand

BEACH TRIP!! Halfway to the beach my cell phone rings. Ki answers it, has a somewhat confused look & says; "Dishwasher???"
-- OOPS! I forgot the dishwasher repair guy was coming this morning. He's at the door knocking, apparently. I tell Ki to tell him to just go ahead and go in and fix it. Ki tells the man; "We're not home. You can just go on and fix it anyway."


Ki= "Sometimes you have to wiggle it" (the door) "bye"

*** does that make me a bad renter? ***

The beach was sunny and warm! We met our friends and laid out all the beach paraphernalia. Warm Sun. A light Breeze. Beach. Water. Dead Crabs and crab parts.
15 minutes or so later......
No More Sun.
Lots of cold Wind.
More Dead Crabs.

A guy is walking on the beach with his daughter. The other moms there recognize them from the charter school (My boys & I are the rebels. the only homeschoolers in our group not going to the charter school).
He asks is his daughter can play with the girls in our group (the little girls seem to recognize each other and were playing together). We said "Of Course" and invited him to come join us if he wanted.(we had a bit of a lean-to [to block wind] and cupcakes [to eat]).
He said no thanks, and something about how he's not a single dad so doesn't really fit in with us.
he did not recognize us (well, them. not me)

We all found that to be an odd statement and each had our own theory as to why he'd introduce himself as a non-single dad. This became out topic of conversation for a bit and when he came back, Theresa asked him why he introduced himself like that... if he thought we looked desperate or something....

*** *** *** *** ***

my dishwasher will never work. (well, the dishwasher in this house that we rent, to the House Owners Dishwasher)
Unless we spring for a water softener. I doubt this will happen. I guess I need to wash dishes more often.

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