Monday, June 7, 2010


Soksey caught 2 moles in the backyard. He's been stalking them for weeks. He finally caught 2 and presented them to Gavin today, neatly displayed on Gavin's bed.
The boys pet the cat, let him smell his kill, then fed him treats to reward his skill and heroic behavior is ridding the yard of the rodent delinquents that have made a molehill of half the yard.

I hope we don't miss out on too many of our tomatoes the 2 weeks we are gone. We have about a dozen little green ones and a few more that are larger and turning orange - on their way to red. Then we have dozens and dozens of blossoms!

And my sugar snap pea plants are also covered in blossoms. I better not miss out on too many of those either.

I have some limes ready to pick and my key limes should ready to pick enough to do something with in a week. I'll have to find some recipes. Maybe a pie again... or lime mousse....

I did this years High School Transcripts for G&C. Sometimes I think Gavin may have done enough computer programming for a whole years class. And I wonder is researching weapons can count as a semester class- he sure does enough of it. I chalked it up to Social Studies and History. Which I list as very general classes (just Social Studies and History) and figure they do enough Hodge-Podge, random research in those areas it counts as a school year course.

here is what I listed for Gavin (some of these full year, some of them single semester)
Algebra 2 (which he actually has to finish this summer)
Physics 1
Driver's Education (he took an online course, I think the DE courses at the schools here count as 1 semester, so that's what I counted it as- though he completed it in 3 days)
Shop/Car Maintenance (I figure all the car work he's done with his dad and the engine model he made, and all the power tool usage he's done- count towards a semester of 'shop/car maintenance'
10th Grade English (whatever. I dunno.)
Physical Education
Computer Science
Art (he's been teaching himself anime this year, plus done a few painting classes, and a sketching class)
Social Studies

**** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Connor's is Similar.

I need to get them doing more volunteer, organizations stuff .... I hear colleges really like seeing that stuff on transcripts.

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