Monday, June 21, 2010

Berry Baskets

I Knit a Trivet. It was a practice in some new techniques (seed & Basket Weave). It was good. Good for the practice and it was also very good for learning how to read my stitches, how to recognize previous stitches, how to recognize right legs, and how to recognize and fix twisted stitches.

I also practiced TINKING. Reverse Knitting to just go back a few stitches.

Ki liked my small trivet and used it as a placemat this morning. I call it Berry Basket Trivet, due to the Basket Weave and to the Seed Stitches that look like a Raspberry to me.


On Wednesday we leave for our 2 week Vacation to Ohio.


But it is an Overnight Flight, so I probably won't get any knitting accomplished on the flight. I'll sleep.

I should have plenty of time to knit while doing nothing at the hotel while Brian is at meetings.


I picked 10 Sugar Snap Peas Yesterday! MMMMM---MMMMMM---MMMMMM!


Today we are going to a friends for lunch. Then home to PACK
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