Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vitamin C

I have some citrus trees outback. A Key Lime Tree. We made a DELICIOUS Key Lime Pie last year.

I have a lemon tree with gnarled, deformed lemons that on rare occasion actually ripen.

I have small, regular lime tree. Last year it only had a couple limes and they never got big enough and kinda shriveled or just fell off. The people before us in this rental house didn't water and didn't do any plant care (the later is just a guess, the former was evident by the large amounts of brown, dead grass and plants)

I was watching some of my limes and keeping the tree watered. I pruned it last year and trimmed overly grown or overly spider-webbed branches. Some of my limes got to be 'lime size' and started to lighten. Which I took as a sign they were ripe.

My first ripe limes. I picked a few to cut and try.

I cut one open.

It did not smell like a lime.

It did not look like a lime.

It did not taste like a lime.

Apparently I have an ORANGE TREE that was so neglected it only got to the small green fruit stage last year before they all died and fell off.

MAYBE I will get some REAL ORANGES this year!!

A lot of the neighbors have orange trees that seem full of orange oranges all year.

And some tomatoes that are almost ripe!
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