Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Plans

With May Term at an end, it is time to decide what's next on our educational front, hopefully lots of beach days and hikes. But the hard reality is that I have 2 boys 'in high school' that need a decent high school transcript for college. They have their goals set to go into robotic engineering and know that entails making sure they keep up on maths and sciences in high school. Gavin needs to finish up his Algebra Course & Connor needs to finish up his Science Course. So that's on their agenda for them this summer. These are courses they choose to do and then did not complete.

Another College Prep they are working on is preparing for the S.A.T. They have been taking the Daily S.A.T. questions online as a start. This October Gavin will take the P.S.A.T. Maybe Connor, too. So I purchased a SAT Prep Study course for them to help them be a little more ready.

That leaves Ki. Ki has already mentioned that he needs to do a little math over the summer. He knows how he is with math. He knows that if he goes too long without keeping up on math skills that he regresses a lot, so it's worth it to him to do a little math over breaks so he's not as regressed and frustrated in math later. Tomorrow I'll talk to Ki and have him make a plan for what he thinks will be a good course of studies over the summer.

Bible Verses. I have a list of Bible Verses for the boys to memorize. I'll be memorizing with them or helping them memorize. I memorized lots of verses as a kid' at school (Dayton Christian), for church, and on the Bible Quiz Team. Having those verses 'hid in m heart' has been such a great help, guide, and comfort. I want my boys to have that, too, so I try to help them memorize some verses since they don't have A.W.A.N.A.S. or a Christian School. It's all on Brian and I, which is how it really is anyway. It's the parents job to teach their kids or make sure they get taught; no matter how that works out for them individually.

Ki wants to go to the library tomorrow and get some books to read, so we'll do that & return the Mythology Books.

I need to talk to the neighbors about feeding the cat and watering the plants while we're gone.

I'm tired. I feel like I have things to say, but I forgot them. There is more to my life and my kids than just a litany of plans and schedules. How about a snapshot into a conversation....

I was talking to them the other day about girls and dating. I just wondered what they thought about the whole thing. I never hear mention of girls from them and Gavin used to say he didn't see a need to date until College since he didn't plan to get married till after college.

Connor says having a girlfriend would be more work than he'd want. Showering more often, wearing clothes that match, not scratching his head like he has lice, and actually having to listen to a girl talk and have to talk about what she wants to talk about. I guess it's good he knows he's not ready for a girlfriend, because he's obviously not, LOL. I'm sure there will come a time when girls are important enough to comb his hair and wear clean clothes.

Gavin mentioned it might be nice to have a girlfriend, but it's probably not the time and something about not understanding what girls talk about.. but next thing I know he's all excited to tell me about the early Russian manned space vehicles having hand guns. It was seriously a mid sentence topic change I think. So I guess spaceships and guns are still more impressive than girls.

Ki said he doesn't have a crush on a girl. He probably doesn't want to wear clean clothes that match either.

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