Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I bet I could start a Daily Blog entitled; "Injury of the Day". If I miss a day of injury, I'm sure one of my boys will be able to fill in for me. While doing the Self Check out thing at Albertson's I sliced my thumb. It was a small slit, but hurt. I was pinching something and it slipped and my fingernail sliced accross my thumb. It just kinda hurt, nothing new, so I continued my Scan & Bag. Soon though, I noticed blood droplets forming on my thumb and getting on my frozen veggies. I tried putting it in my mouth (the thumb, not the bag of frozen veggies). I quickly discovered Scan & Bag is pretty much a 2 handed job. We're up to but drops running down my thumb now, so I ask the Cashier for a band-aid. Poor dude. You'd think he'd not seen blood before. It was just a couple drops on a thumb. He brings this huge BRIGHT BLUE foam bandage. I'm scanning, bagging, towelette wiping, and bandaging all at the same time. I didn't want to hold up the line. When I was done the Head Self-Check Cashier asks if I need help out; like they always do. I tell him no I'm fine, he asks about my cut (wow, it's not even big enough to be called that really) and asks if I'm sure I'm OK and I'm sure I don't help taking my 3 bags of groceries out.

I don't think the loss of 3 drops of blood is gonna make me too dizzy to push a grocery cart.


Today I took picture of my 13 year old by his Sunflowers. One of them is probably 7 feet tall!

I ate 3 strawberries from Gavin's plants today. Tomorrow I might eat 3 more......

Or I might save them for Gavin.... Decisions! Maybe I'll just eat one tomorrow.

** I really really really need to do some work knitting on my DNA Swatch. I'll do that tonight I guess. I think I need to go buy some cheap circulars to use on the plane.

Did I Mention that Brian took G with him on a TDy to L.A. So he's by himself all day while Brian is as meetings, probably getting lots of extra computer and TV time. He said he might go hang out at the pool today.
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