Tuesday, January 5, 2010

J-Term DAY 2

What a busy day. Day 2 and still hasn’t had a day at home the whole school day to get it all done 'on schedule'. Today I read Proverbs 5, but not Story of the World. I had to once again convince Connor that he had to actually read and do what his dad wrote down for him BEFORE he runs off to spend the day in the shed salvaging parts from old CD Players and building mini-robots. He did make a cute Beam Bot yesterday though.

After the Reading Time, Ki and I started his culinary class while G&C read their robotics and solved their electrical circuit problem. Ki & I read about Ancient Cooking History, prehistoric cooking techniques, and the earliest recorded recipes. (Mesopotamia circa 1,000,000 BC). Then we started Ki's Index Card Box. He made 3 labels; TimeLine, Tools, Techniques. He wrote a few history things for timeline and we wrote a few early cooking techniques. (Salt curing, drying, smoking, pickling, etc). He added them to the appropriate sections. Them he walked to the store to buy flour and made the Mesopotamian Bread recipe. After a short break I set him up with some YouTube videos on garnishing food techniques and a website with tools and techniques. He made 2 technique cards (garnish ideas he wants to try) and 2 Tool Cards.

I rode my bike to the church. I had to stop halfway there for a couple bites of a banana. I was getting light headed. I met with Lisa from church about organizing an event for maybe the last weekend in January or the 1st Sunday in Feb. It should be fun! On the way home I stopped at Albertson's for Whole Wheat Flour, per Ki's request. He wants to try the ancient bread w/ whole wheat flour so it will be a little more authentic.

Ki got caught up in YouTube videos while I was away so he wasn't finished with Culinary Art. While he was finishing I got the sewing room ready for class and planted a few seeds. Then I recorded what seeds I planted on my Planting Log.

Sewing Class.....ah, what can I say about Sewing Class...... Connor is doing great. Ki had a big ol' meltdown halfway through. Ki had to start over. He had planned a Belt Favor for Amtgard. We went with a plain pouch with an appliqué. We had to leave before they were done to get to Karate on time. But my On Time was 30 minutes different than what time the instructor started class. I went to the Class for Miss Fits and had a nice little workout and a splitting headache.

Gavin went over his physics with Brian. He was stuck on the tracing a ray in a mirror stuff. Brian went over some robotics with G&C.

Ki bakes his Mesopotamia bread and practiced a couple Chocolate Garnish Techniques.

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