Friday, January 22, 2010

*COOKIES! J-Term Day 15

Connor and Ki decided they wanted cookies so they are walking to the store to buy sugar.*
Yeah for Fridays! It’s our Sleep-In Day. Everyone was up by around 9. (that’d b Gavin at 9ish) Some were up much earlier (That be Connor).

I planned on it being a slow day maybe lots of game playing. It’s been raining for over a week and I think we are all a bit cabin-feverish.

C&K got into an argument making cookies. So cookie making was canceled and everyone had to do a little schooling.

Here was Ki’s Culinary Work List for today:

Print Recipes for atole & king Cake

*research King Cakes you can buy online-

*Draw a King Cake with lots of detail and Mardi Gras Decor in the picture.
* Listen to some Cajun/ Creole / Mardi Gras Music

*Practice some cutting. Slice, dice, make shapes- we have bell peppers and maybe a cucumber.

We tried one of the new games we got for Christmas. Triple Triumph. It’s with green and purple pyramids. It was fun.
I made cookies. BIG Chocolate Chip Cookies. I think I’ll have Ki make Hot Fudge.
Gavin & Connor read upon some robotics and Gavin fixed some Physics mistakes.
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