Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan 25 & 26- J-Term Recap.

MONDAY- was Connor’s birthday. Around here, the birthday child doesn’t have to do school or morning chores. Gavin had a dentist appointment. I had to run a few errands on the way to the dentist. Some homeschool group families decided to go to the beach for a Clean Up day. So we all 4 left the house at about 10 and were gone until about 4.
Beach Clean from the storms is a good school day field trip, I think. A lot of dead animals were washed up; nothing too sad, like cute baby seals. It was mostly just awesome bones.

Connor wanted a Bagel Bites for dinner. I don’t think we have had those at our house before. They liked it. The 3 of them ate 49 Bagel Bites.
So no J-Term was accomplished Monday, but it was a good day.

Ki tried his hand at blanching almonds and toasting them. The blanching went well, but the toasting didn’t. He researched famous chefs. He made 4 note cards of famous chefs and watched some cooking show clips.
Connor took some measurements for the cloak he wants to make and figured out how much material he needs.
Gavin worked on his physics. G&C did some research for robotics class.
Here are some of the links we used Tuesday.





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