Wednesday, January 20, 2010

J-Term Day 13

We are still all melting in the water here and loving every minute of it! My sunflowers are so HAPPY they are kissing the rain (that is on the ground). The boys are once again too excited about the rain storms and huge puddles to get anything done without someone sitting on them and holding their hands.
Gavin needs to get his Physics test done today. I hope to have him accomplish 3 lesson modules this J-Term.
He was ready for the second test (Mod13) this J-term but I forgot he had a quarterly test (mods 9-12) J-Term Day 13
. So this week he needs to do both the quarterly test and the test for Chapter 13. Then go over the answers with his dad so he can start chapter 14 on Monday. The younger 2 were sent to clean their rooms while G took his test. The younger two can be loud and annoying; no one needs that while taking a physics test. BUT they do need hot cocoa to take a physics test in the absence on warm gooey cinnamon rolls. I printed out practice questions and problems for chapter 14 for next week, too.

For Ki’s Culinary Arts class he had to go shopping for Pantry Stocking Items (from the Well Stocked Pantry Website), also shopping for tonight’s dinner which he is also making ‘Subway’ Sandwiches and Brownies. It was a long list and a long shopping day. Ki did most of it; reading the list, finding the food, unloading the cart onto the belt etc. He learned to scan the parking lot for potholes because he can’t see directly in front of the cart, so scope them out to avoid them LOL.
Then we mailed Mimi’s package using the automated postal service machine. When we got home G&C were done with what I assigned them. (cleaning the kitchen). They did an extra-awesome great job.
Ki will be making homemade hot fudge tonight- and brownies.

I hope to do a last minute Science Day next week on Friday. More details to follow.
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