Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Entropy of J-Term: Day 9

Our first week usually goes as scheduled. After that things become unschoolish. Ki decided to practice the frog garnishes and a How To Garnish video for Bell Pepper Frogs for this morning’s culinary Class.. The first attempt he tried videoing the whole process. The 2nd attempt I told him to have it half finishes (since it’s the same on both sides) and have the scoring done already. It made a shorter video that still showed how to do it. He wanted to help Connor with sewing class this afternoon, even though he was scheduled for Life of Fred. Just Connor was teaching sewing to Bailey. So I had him do Life of Fred after his Culinary Arts video so He’d have enough done today. We reviewed culinary terms (and learned new ones) while he was practicing frog cuts for his video. So It was like double tasking for class, making it so I was satisfied with what was done today.

CLICK to see Ki's Video "how to make frogs with a bell pepper"

Gavin worked on his Computer Programming mostly today. In physics he just needs to do some practice problems and get ready for his next test. He’ll go over that with Brian when he gets back from his trip.

Connor did robotics in the morning and in the afternoon he taught Bailey to appliqué and sew a pouch. (with Ki’s help)

This evening, Ki will take a 3 hour Cooking Class at Central Coast Culinary School. G,C, and I will go out to eat during that time.
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