Friday, January 1, 2010

J Term Update Jan 1, 2010

I printed the syllabi for J Term. The Culinary Arts syllabus is 6 pages long. Sewing is just 1 page. I printed a flowchart; what class which child has on what day. (all of which are in previous blog entries).

I wiped clean the Week’s Schedule board, The Chore Chart board and have found 3 personal size Dry Erase Boards that I might use for specific extras for each boy. I’ll get all the info up on those by Saturday.
I purchased index cards and plastic holders for Ki. This will be for his notes of his 2 classes.

C.A. has a 6 page syllabus because I did a Day-by-Day syllabus. I just did a weekly list for Sewing.
I have folders for C&K to hold their syllabi and notebooks for G&C to take notes for their Robotics/Computer/Engineering class.

I think I am ready. I look forward to learning about gourmet cooking & culinary arts!
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