Wednesday, January 20, 2010

J-Term Day 12

“Help me! I’m MELTING!!!!!” the witch screamed as she was doused with water.

This scene comes to mind when thinking about our Wednesday. Not the being a witch part but the day melting away from the rains. The day started fine enough. Then the rains made the street flood and we called off school in favor of a FLOOD DAY; which is similar to a snow day but you don’t need gloves and don’t have a risk of frostbite.

Due to my soreness of throat, the boys took turns reading from Prov 19 and from Story of the World. In SOTW they were reading about a man named Salidin. Ki called him Salad Man.

Then it was off too the dentist with Gavin. The plan was to come home and do a little school after lunch but as we drove through puddles left by the torrential rains we turned into our street to be met with a miniature flood.
This was followed by Hooping & Hollering about the wonderful weather development, finding the motorized boats they made & air soft guns and calling it a Flood Day.

see connor's motorized boat he made for J-term -->

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