Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today, I was awoken by a stranger in all of his yellowy brightness. The sun had come out to play after more than a week of hiding his face from us.

I greeted him this morning before breakfast. I lined my young plants up to see him. I twirled in a circle with my arms opened wide in His presence and thanked Him for His gift.

It’s the kind of day that makes one feel the desire to do EVERYTHING And all at once. It’s like the backlog of things that didn’t get done of the past 9 days have been all released at once. The dam has been broke! The walls have been breached!

What to do first on this Brilliant (said in my best Doctor Who voice) Day? The list of left behind activities is long. Replant some fallen comrades? Dig post holes? Place some online orders? Clean and organize my sewing table, SEW lots of things, and order some of those clearance patterns? Go for a bike ride? Run around in circles and figure eights in the backyard while singing? Go for a walk? Do some much needed school planning?

Well, now it is 4 PM. I planted a few fallen and broken comrades, emptied the soil from some containers that have failed to produce germinated seeds, dug post holes and put my Compost Bin in place, enjoyed the sun on my face, spent some time in the sewing area with good results, placed a few online orders, learned a new game, found some lost things.

I never did get around to that bike ride and now it’s chilly and almost dinner time. I think I will finish todays list with school planning, reading in preparation for tomorrow's church service, and watching some Netflix.

Tomorrow should be another day of SUN!
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