Friday, January 8, 2010

J-Term Days 4 & 5

Day 4 was spent in Santa Barbara. We went to the planetarium, walked through the museum rooms, had a picnic, drove home, grabbed karate clothes and snacks, drove back to base, had critical Thinking Class, karate class, Fit Class and then dropped the boys off at church, did some grocery shopping, washed dishes, and fell asleep. Kelly did a lot of the driving! She gave us a ride from Base to the planetarium then took us home to grab stuff and back to base.
I read 2 chapters in Proverbs, because we were out of the house so much yesterday I didn’t read Proverbs 7 to them. Then Gavin and Connor took turns reading in Story Of the World about Samurai.

Robotics- Brian has the boys doing computer programming all morning. They are working together and helping each other. Connor can’t wait till after lunch so he can sew.
Culinary Arts. Ki reviewed some sign language. Then we looked up some terms and wrote them on cards. Ki worked on his menu for the gourmet meal later this month. We read about a well stocked pantry and printed out a list. Ki took a break from the reading/writing stuff and practiced garnish cuts on cucumbers. I guess that made him hungry, so he had lunch out in the back yard. Then he took the printed list and went through out pantry/cupboards. He crossed off what he have and not need. What was left uncrossed was our shopping list so we can have a well stocked kitchen/pantry.
Gavin made friend rice for lunch. It’s his latest self-cooked-lunch obsession. Rice, corn, peas, (sometimes carrots- not today), and egg; with soy sauce of course.
I went and played Gavin’s computer game he’s designing and programming.
Ki wanted to do sewing before math, so we (C,K,me) went up and got a start on that. Connor cut out an odd, random shape to practice his appliquéing. Ki finished his bag. He went with a drawstring bad instead of a bag with a handle. I let him use my new BabyLock. All appliquéing has to be done on the B BabyLock because my old Kenmore doesn’t zig as well as it zags and the tension gets all out of whack, resulting in a bundle of thread and fabric.
Connor did well with his appliquéing. He tried different settings and did corners and rounded edges and openings and tight wiggles. He went over it with a different color so he could see if he improved.

Ki finished his drawstring bag.
After Sewing Class was Life of Fred Class. The last episode left us hanging as Fred, who is only 5 ½ years old & 37 #s, was being rushed to the hospital because he dropped a 13 # knife (18”) into his foot. Today we found him at the hospital waiting 35 minutes for the doctor to fix the hole in his foot. Let me say once again how much I love that we have found Life of Fred for Ki’s math.
Connor went back up to do more sewing. Today was Math for Ki and Sewing for Connor but since Ki missed sewing yesterday he did a little of both.

Connor's Practice fabric

Connor's Pouch

Ki's drawstring pouch
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