Wednesday, January 27, 2010

J-Term. Wed. Blanched Almonds and Grey Cloaks

I have too much I want to say. I am behind on J-Term journals. I just wasn’t in the mood to write about our school days. Which is odd, since I usually love writing about our school days, especially when we have good ones; which we did. So now I have all these things to write down all spilling all over each other. So I’ll take it one day at a time. I need to decide if I want to go Mon,Tue,Wed or start with today and work backwards.
I think I will satrt with today. then I might do monday then Tuesday.

Ki blanched and toasted almonds again. They turned out great this time! Then he decided to make dark chocolate candies for our dessert. Melted semi-sweet chips poured into and ice cube tray, then almonds inserted. (not the blanched one). He read knife safety & skills, chocolate trivia, famous historical dinners, and practiced zesting citrus.

Ki did some work in his Life of Fred Math book. He had a bridge to do. Bridges are the quizzes they have every 5 chapters. He hates them. They don’t follow a story line or build upon each other. The end of the chapter problems build on the story line of the chapter or each other. He did pretty good. He gets confused easily though. Here is one of the problems he missed.

one of th questions: 77 inches is how many feet?
Ki put 1’ 17”.
He thought it was minute and he changed it to hours & minutes. He got it right ... if it were asking to change 77 minutes into hours. He gets very confused with money and time, too. 100 pennies in a dollar BUT 60 minutes in an hour.

Romans Numerals are BEYOND confusing to him. Sometimes you add the 2 (like LX is 50 PLUS 10) and sometimes you subtract (like IV is 5 MINUS 1- or 1 less than 5). He gets so confused. I don’t push it. He’ll get it when his brain is ready. But he is being exposed to them and that’s good enough for me.

The new chapter today was Lowest Common Multiple. LCM’s are going well. I showed him how to write out the chain of multiples for each number side by side. Just learning that, he was able to do most in his head, yet before I showed him that he was utterly confused.
Connor seems to be enjoying sewing class more than robotics class. Though he does seem to like sewing, but I think the main reason he likes sewing more is because his dad has him researching to write a 3-5 page paper instead of the fun building of motorized stuff.
And he wants to get his cloak made SOON!!
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