Wednesday, July 2, 2008


We found a house! we move out of the hotel around July 8th. I may actuallyhave t ime to read other's blogs here in a couple weeks!

in the meantime-
just thought I'd share 2 of the online games my boys are into right now. I thought Levi and Kristy's boys may like them. One is called Magic Pen *click* it actually teaches a lot of basic physics. It's starts easy ans gets pretty challenging. The otheris called Falling Sand *click* I'll give you a couple starter things to do to help you figure out how it works.
your screen starts with 4 collums of falling sand and you can draw accross it. sounds very basic, but you can draw with napalm and set it on fire or make walls to collect the sand and funnel it. Here are a few simple things to do to get to know the game:
your screen:
I drew a all on the bottom (accidentally while doing the screensave)

on the far right it has the word PEN- do a pulldown menu and change pen to 64. The go to the box with the choices of what to draw with and choose WALL. it's the top of the first collumn. Click on the water and it will make a large round wall. now change the pen to 2 or 4 and click on ERASER and draw some tunnels inside the box- starting at the top so the blue sand can fall through the tunnels. make them wiggly. Now click in the C-4 and draw little lines inside the wall and coming out, like a stem. Then click on the FIRE and set fire to the end of the C-4.
Set the pen to 64, then erase, then erase all of it. Now set pen to 4 and choose SPOUT and draw a line accross the screen about 1/4 the way down. Or draw 2rows of dashes that the ends overlap. wait till the screen fills up and then change pen to 64, then choose PLANT and click the screen at the bottom to draw a round PLANT and watch it grow. (and you can torch the plant when your down)
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