Friday, July 25, 2008

What's Next?

Here's the calendar of events for us for next week.

Ki is going to a half-day Theater Camp next week. It actually begins Sunday. He and his dad are going to Solvang (cute town about 45 minutes away) for dinner and to see a play (Godspell). It's part of the acting camp, each student get to take one parent with them to see a play/have dinner.

On Monday, Gavin and Connor are going to LA (3 hours from us) with a group of kids from Vandenberg Air Force base (base youth program) to a science museum. They will be gone from 8AM til 7PM. Brian will take them with him to work and drop them off at the Youth Center. This leaves me without a vehicle, but the Theater Camp is at the local colleges which is about a 20 minute walk. So Ki and I can ride our bikes. I'll lock his up there and ride home, then ride back to pick him up when he's finished.

Ki will need to pack his lunch, so I will have to shop with that in mind. Hhe doesn't eat meat and can't have peanuts, so I may just pack protein bars and fruit.

Brian MIGHT go to LA next week (Thur-Sat/Sun) for a business trip and HOPEFULLY buy a car. He'll take the train there so he can drive a car back, if hr finds one.

I need to start thinking about Gavin's birthday and what we can do. (It's not till Aug 31, but Ki's is 2 weeks later so I have to start thinking early, b/c I don't have time to think about Ki's if wait till after Gavin's)

I need to call about signing the boys up for Gymnasics. Hopefully they can start in August. I am hoping that some kids quit when school starts up so there will be room for my boys. It's a class given by a lady at the Base Youth Center, so I have a feeling it's not open to a huge amount of kids. Then I need to send out emails to see if anyone is interested in an ASL class. (homeschool group).

Tuesday I plan to have Brian take me to work with him (and all 3 kids) so I can get a new base ID. Unless I need a drivers license first. That may take a while here, since I have still not gotten an appointment. (we didn't need to make an appointment in Ohio to get our license.)

That's all for this month. Gavin, Connor and I will have to find some things to do while Ki is in camp. We can all bike up the college and maybe G&C can have fun running the track or going the park that is close.
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