Monday, July 28, 2008

12th Birthday

Ki's B-Day is in the middle of Sept. He'll be 12. We just moved to CA from Ohio. All his friends are there, and both sets of G-Parents. My DH is flying back there for a business meeting. and it'll be over Ki's B-day. We'd like to fly Ki out with him. Maybe Brian and Ki can stay at Brian's mom's house. Ki will be there with Grammy/Pappy while he goes to work. Ki can see his church friends and other grandparents and his gaming friends.

We just have to find a way to afford it. I think we can. It'll partly be his Bday Gift (which we'd spend about $60 on anyway - when it's all said and done, gifts, pizza/slumber party maybe more)

Brian get's Perdiem on business trip to pay for food and lodging- so if he can stay with his mom, he'd have extra unspent perdiem money. It's be for Ki's birthday- so there is money usually spent on a present and the money usually spend on a pizza slumber party- that go towards the cost of an airplane ticket. I think it will be OK. We had planned on having the boys take turns flying back to Ohio with Brian, as he plans on being back there 3-4 times a year maybe. We just didn't think it'd be this soon, so we have to see what moneys we have. We're still waiting to get reimbursed for the move. I have no idea how much airfare is. If it's about $200 we're fine, if it's $700, that's gonna be too much. I need to get online and look up airfare.

And will Ki have to fly on the same fight as Brian, or would he be OK flying by himself and Brian or a grandparent meeting him at the airport (if there is a big difference in ticket costs)..... things to think about
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