Thursday, July 10, 2008

IT CAME!! (& 1st tset of pics)

Our boatload of STUFF arrived today. We need to have a garage sale....

Here are pics of our ouse, inside and empty.

Our front door. Wit stained glass and a neat little peep hole tat you can twist.

When you step in the front door you are in the big living room. The fireplace is on the wall that is the front of the house. About 4 feet from the front door is the entrance to the kitcen (from where I took this pic)

On the wall opposite the fireplace is the hall. There is a door on the left- a closet. Then another entrance to the kitchen. Then a door that goes out back, then a wide closet. The all ends in a bedroom.

On the right is a bedroom (the door is between the kitchen entrance and the door to the back patio)
a closet, and a bathrom.
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