Saturday, July 26, 2008

Unhatched and orphaned

There have been 3 eggs in the tree behind our house since we moved in (2 weeks ago). The mom and dad YELLED any any living creature in the back yard and didn't seem to back away from the cat (who was just walking around smelling flowers and plants and chasing ants). well, the parents left. I didnt see them yesterday or today. My husband has been frantic and beside himself with worry.

I knew they wouldn't leave live eggs, not with how aggressively they were gaurding them. I figured they never hatched and the mom know show long it should be and they were probably unfertilized.

He keeps asking what he should do, should he get a incubator? Should he take the out of the next and shake them ot see if he can candle them (after I explained what it was). I told I had no idea, I didn't think they were fertilized, but he needs to just decide what to do and do it. He took themout and gentle shook them.

Brian is sure they are fertilized and the mom left and now they are dead. They are cold and he felt somehting slosh when he shook it.

He asks what he should do. How can he tell is it is dead or alive. I suggested he get my stesthoscope and see if he can hear anyhing. He didn't.

I ask if we can do an autopsy on the eggs. He said he'd do it. So, we took the boys out, he cracked it open, it was unfertilized.
It was a like big let down ending somehow. "Oh, yep. they're not fertilized. OK." and that was that. not that I wanted them to be dead embyros.
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