Sunday, July 6, 2008


Lompoc is known as the Flower Seed Capital of the USA. In Ohio we drove past fields of corn and soybeans. Here we drive past fields of blooming flowers. all in rows, like a field of corn. Here are some pictures:

those rows in the way back are all flowers, too. There are multiple farm fields like this.

they do have fields of veggies, but they have just as many fields of flowers as they do of veggies I think.

and here is a picture that depicts the fog. It's like a heavy rain cloud. Under the lights you can see all the water particles floating down! It is foggy from 4PM till about 11Am the next day.

when you walk it whisps around you like walking through a mist. In the morning you see wet spots on the croncrete under the water drain pipes. The fog is so this of water it is enough to go down the drain of buildings.
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