Sunday, June 29, 2008

reminiscing & KART races

Yesterday Brian took the boys into Santa Maria to watch kart racing. He’d like to get the boys into that. I think it is about $350 for the family membership for the year (year round daily access to the track, too) and then it costs about $60 per race. We definitely need one of the smaller houses if he wants to afford stuff like that.

I visited with Patty while they were in Santa Maria. That was nice. We chatted and went to the neighbors to let out the dog. I petted some cute kittens. I met her son Robert who just arrived home from a missions trip. It was nice of her to entertain me while Brian and the boys were doing their thing.


This morning Ki, Connor and I went for a walk down the block and around the corner from the hotel. Connor took off like a dart again, on the way back. He cut through the gas station and went back to the hotel. He takes off a lot. At the library today he finished his time on their computer and just went outside; his brothers tagging along.

His running off is much better, and easier to deal with, now that he is older. He has scared me a couple times. I remember walking the neighborhood looking for him and wondering what he’d do when he realized wherere he was. If he’d stay there or head home and if I’d miss him as a he went a different route than I.

I remember all the time he walked out of the house to play in the backyard or walk in the street.( naked or in his undies) I always kept a close eye on him so often saw him walking out or realized right away. Once on a cold February day (about 20 degrees) I found him naked in the back yard with the house on playing in a puddle.
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