Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sand Dollars, Jelly Fish... I got stung

We went to the beach this morning. We bought an umbrella and mats last night. We picked up a few snacks for the cooler. We arrived at the beach.
The heat wave has broken. It was COLD!!!! Connor huddles up under the umbrella for a while.
Gavin and Ki quickly took to the waves.
Connor finally decided to run down to the shore and touch the water with his toe and run back. Then Brian brought some neat rocks, so Connor decided to go rock hunting. He found 1/2 a Sand Dollar. Is that a Sand 50Cent Piece? The he huddles up wrapped in a towel; this time he was on the sand and in the sun.
A little while later he decided to run down and touch the water again. This time he stayed and splashed. and found some full amount sand dollars.
Gavin saw a big purple jelly fish in the waves. It ended up washed up onto the beach. Then a second one… then a 3rd…… There ended up being about 5 or 6 of them washed up on shore.
I got stung. I was helping Connor bury up to his neck. The tide was coming in and we were working quickly. A little sand bee crawled into my sandal and stung me on the foot a couple times.
We were there about 3 hours. It warmed up around noon.
As soon as we got back to the hotel, Gavin and Ki went to the pool. Connor and Brian watched the NASCAR race. I showered and blogged. And got pics off the camera card.
COMING UP - - - pics of the Flower Seed Capital of the USA……
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